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Zoho appimage cannot be opened

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Emails from google are great, but not cool for business. Try to imagine if Steve Jobs used google email ( or Bill Gates ( Not cool right ?. You can have professional email using zoho. and will look professional. And the good news is, Zoho mail desktop can be used on BEE free ….  Read More

HP Printer

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All Supported HP Printer Models NO HP 1 HP Color LaserJet Mngd MFP E78323dn CN 2 HP Color LaserJet Mngd MFP E78323dn Plus 3 HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP E78323dn 4 HP Color LaserJet Mgd Flw MFPE78323z CN 5 HP Color LaserJet Mgd Flw MFPE78323Z Plus 6 HP Color LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E78323z 7 ….  Read More

Release Notes

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BEE free OS 20.04(2020-08-01) Update log Linux kernel 5.4.0-42-generic Add speedtest for commandline  Add mpg123, sometimes it is needed for the TTS project WPS Office 2019 For Linux( Speed up droidcam Lightworks 2020.1(122068) (1.3.0-1)

New repository

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All the applications we need are stored in the repository. You can request the application you want. For how to do it please join in forum. In addition, there is also a change in the repository address to But you don’t need to bother to change it, because our team has made ….  Read More


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There are many applications that are not available on Linux but are available on Windows. We can still install Windows applications on Linux using crossover. Maybe there are some of us who prefer to use free wine. Unfortunately wine is too much weakness, ranging from difficult to use, to the problem of support. Terminal Install ….  Read More


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Stupid, if only making applications only for Linux? If you want to distribute applications only for linux, appimage can be the best choice. Because there is no need to pay attention to the very complicated dependencies in Linux. But if you want to distribute your multiplatform application, Installbuilder is recommended. If your application opensource, you ….  Read More


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Do we need to use antivirus? Some Linux users say there is no need to use anti-virus? There is no computer operating system that is free from viruses. Indeed we rarely or even never get a virus attack, but that does not mean there is no virus in linux. There is no harm in using ….  Read More